How To Make A Strong Online Presence

If your running your own business, it is essential that you create a powerful online presence.  An online presence will make a lasting impact on your potential client, who will be more likely to reach out and connect with you.  An online presence doesn't always have to be a website. In fact, there are successfully small business that don't have a site, and rely on Social Media alone for little to no cost. There is absolutely no reason to not have an online presence in today’s marketplace. So here are simple ways to create an impactful online presence.


Professional Headshot

A professional headshot shows the face behind your business.  It can be it he face of your entire brand, or shown as an image of the owner to help portray friendliness, determination, or professionalism. Professional photographers can capture your personality and use the best angle and lighting to enhance all of your online profiles.

Tell Your Story

Who is this person that I want to hire or purchase goods or services from?  What experience do they have? What is their personality like? Take the time to tell your potential clients who you are, what you’ve done, and what you do.  


Online Portfolio

Having visual content, video, and documents that show your skills and expertise speaks volumes about your brand and gives you a marketing boost. Use high quality photos in your portfolio that relate to your brand, skills and business.


Testimonials strengthen your credibility, expertise, and trust. They show that you have been able to connect with others, and were able to create a relationship with them, or that your product and services were so great, that the client or customer was compelled to take time out of their day to brag about you.  When researching a business, these testimonials are looked at and often are the first thing seen, even before pricing.  

Brand Consistency

By making your online presence consistent across all of your different channels, you reinforce your identity, build trust and create a positive representation of yourself. Make sure you use the same  logos, images, colors, links, and messages across all of your online channels.  

Keep Your Online Presence Updated

Updating your online channels updated with content, or with changes to your company, inventory, blogs, videos, or any other changes to your company.  You can use Social Media planning platforms such as Hootsuite or Buffer to post your content across all of your channels making updating and your brand consistency easy.  

Making small and easy changes will help you make a big impact to your online presence.  Though a website isn't always needed, it definitely helps. But if a website isn't an option yet, then free options across social medial platforms can help drive more traffic and engagement!

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