What To Wear, What To Wear?!  How to choose your attire for your headshot session

It's the night before your headshot session.  You want to make sure that you look your best, but have no idea what to wear!  Suit and tie? Button down casual? Dirty t-shirt? Favorite blouse with the ketchup stain?  GAH! So many options!

Remember the reason your getting your headshot done in the first place.  You want to show potential clients or associates that you are professional, approachable, trustworthy, and most of all...confident!  What you wear is the most important part of your headshot. Everyone has a different face, and can wear it differently. But what you wear in your images can say more about you than your face ever can.  

General Business Portrait Attire Tips

• Wear clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in.  Everyone has that power tie they love to wear!

• Bring a few options for entire outfits or jackets.  Having a variety of options and images can help you decide what makes you feel the best after the shoot.

• Keep it simple when it comes to patterns or avoid them entirely by utilizing solids.  

• Prepare a business casual look if you would like a headshot in that style.  This could be just a button down shirt with the top button undone, a polo, etc.  If the brand your trying to convey about yourself is more casual, make sure the outfit matches.  

• Consider your type of business and dress in the appropriate tone.  Lawyers always seem to look more powerful in darker outfits. But if your a family dentist, wearing pure white makes you feel much more friendly and approachable.  

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Business Portrait Attire For Men

• Mix and match appropriately when it comes to dress shirts and ties.

• Outfits can have an entirely different tone when removing a tie.  Remember when we talked about that casual feel?

Business Portrait Attire For Women

• Necklines can affect the shape of your face in photos so consider the shirt or blouse you use.

• Avoid jewelry that may distract from your face, so simple accessories are best.  Your face should be the focus of the image, and your clothes a close second. Dont do any thing that will distract someone looking at your images.  

• If your shoes will be in the photo, make sure to bring a few options for your outfits.  

Making sure that your attire matches the message your are trying to convey in your images is paramount!  Whether its a casual feel for a small, family friendly business, or professional to help get you the edge over your promotion competition, you want to make sure you are looking your best, and fitting the part.

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