Advertising your business isnt about just getting your name out there anymore.  We cant expect word of mouth and some ads on TV to yield the same results as we could 10 years ago.  Now, Social Media dominates the marketing game. So what can you do? Well, first, you have to stand out from your competition across the board.  Facebook, Instagram, Google, anywhere your business is represented, you need to stand out from the competition. You need to put you best face forward, look trustworthy and professional, and make potential clients WANT to meet you!

Show Your Personality

Whether you are a corporate executive, a small business owner, or an entrepreneur, your headshot is a reflection of your brand.  Your photograph is what gets you noticed and encourages people to engage with you. Remember, its the new first impression. So your headshot should show your personality and the feel of what you want to convey.  This will make you more approachable, trustworthy, and professional.

Dont be afraid to have your headshot taken in your personal space, such as your office, at your desk, in your boardroom, or even inside your store.  Having an environment in your headshot will help communicate your personality, and will help you feel more comfortable in your images.

Choose a Natural Setting

If your looking to have an image outdoors, think about the background location.  What environment will work best and compliment what your trying to convey. Choose a location your familiar with to help feel comfortable and confident.  Incorporating trees, buildings, and natural light can add a warm feel to your headshot.

No matter your profession, your business, or your career, having a professional headshot will help you stand apart from your competition, and help with social media engagement.  Marketing has evolved, and getting ahead of everyone else is crucial to expanding your personal brand or your business.

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