My “why” Statement…

To create and capture exceptional and authentic images, so that individuals and companies can drive their business and elevate their brand.

I’ve always been more interested in the business aspect of everything I did. Going to college for Culinary Management, I was more interested in running the restaurant and making money than cooking in the kitchen.

I moved on to work for an outsourcing company burying my head in Excel workbooks all day for 8 years. It gave me the “Business” feel that I wanted in a job, but not a career.

Then when I started working for a payroll software company, they went on to teach me the importance of business, and personal branding. That my reputation is just as important as what I do, and why I do it.

I’ve been shooting models and clients in the fashion industry since 2014. Models know the importance of their brand. They know how they want to be seen, and it was my job to create that in my images. Though being published in fashion magazines felt great, it didn’t give my the sense of accomplishment I was looking for.

Then, I found that helping individuals and companies create and expand their brand though my images gave me a true sense of accomplishment. That helping others succeed though my pictures is what I want to do. Every successful individual and company needs a great first impression if they want to succeed. That first impression, is the headshot.

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